Responsible Gaming

The World777 Admin is committed to encouraging responsible wagering among its players as well as promoting awareness related to gambling issues. Besides, we also strive to improve prevention, intervention, and treatment. Our Responsible Gambling Policy sets out its commitment to alleviating the adverse effects of problem gambling and to promoting responsible gambling practices. provides online customers with a wide array of online betting games and entertainment. We are also responsible for our product line-up. Our aim is to provide the world’s safest and most innovative gaming platform for adults while ensuring that they get the best experience.

The offered gaming options allow each user to play within his/her financial means and get the best playing experience. When delivering our products/services, we adhere to our guiding principles, which are integrity, fairness, and reliability.

All in all, try its best to help customers who are dealing with a gambling problem; especially those who show addictive playing habits. We understand that it is crucial to respect the rights of the players who take part in games of chance to a reasonable extent and treat it merely as a form of entertainment.

Our Responsible Gaming Policy is based on three fundamental principles: security of the player, security of the game, and protection against problem gambling. We have joined hands with research institutes, associations, and therapy institutions to work on the creation of a responsible, secure and reliable framework for online gambling.

Player Security

The World777 Admin takes responsibility for keeping the player’s security intact. Speaking of which, we prevent the participation of underage players in the games. Besides, we also ensure the protection of the player’s privacy by responsible processing of personal data and payments. Fairness and the random nature of the products that we offer are monitored closely by independent organizations. Marketing communications are also done with a clear conscience of player protection and fairness in mind.

Protection Against Problem Gambling: Research – Prevention – Intervention

Most gamblers place sports bets, casino bets, or other kinds of online bets in moderation and consider them merely as a means of entertainment. However, the problem with gambling is that betting on sports and gambling, in general, can lead to problems for a small percentage of customers. For instance, when certain behavioral patterns, such as shopping, eating, or alcohol consumption, are normal when done in moderation.

However, these habits can cause serious trouble when they turn into an addiction. Therefore, the players showing signs of problem gambling may refrain from playing certain products or all of them. Furthermore, clients with problem gambling symptoms are provided with contacts of organizations where they can get professional help and consultation.

Self-Responsibility Is The Most Sustainable Form Of Prevention

The World777 Admin makes consistent and deliberate efforts to create a safe and responsible online environment where customers can enjoy their betting experience. Regardless of our efforts and assistance to control problem gambling, the self-responsibility of the customer plays a vital role in using the tools we offer. Also, it is one of the most effective forms of protection from problem gambling. understands its responsibility to help customers by providing transparent products and tools that can moderate gambling activities. Moreover, it also offers full information on the shortcomings related to the customer experience with their gambling and how they can find professional advice and support.

Protection Of Minors prevent minors (persons below the age of 18 or whatever the minimum age criteria to gamble is within the player’s jurisdiction of residence) from participating in games and placing bets. To ensure it, we confirm the age and date of birth during registration. We take this matter of minors taking part in the betting very seriously, which is why we rely on the support of their parents and caregivers. recommends that players keep their data with the utmost safety and do not disclose this data to anyone, which may include user ID, password, and other crucial information. Moreover, The World777 Admin would recommend its customers install filter software. It allows customers to restrict access to Internet resources that are not suitable for children and teenagers.

Responsibility Towards Problems

The World777 Admin offers a wide range of games and bets that are forms of entertainment for most customers. However, we take responsibility for our customers by providing support and tools for the maintenance of a secure and entertaining gaming environment, considering the risks associated with it. Clients who have a problem in assessing risks, knowing and setting their own limits, or those who suffer from problem gambling are potentially not able to enjoy the product line-up responsibly. Besides, they do not see it as a form of entertainment. The World777 Admin may take responsibility for such users by blocking their access to certain products or all of them for the customer’s protection.

Be Informed About The Main Issues!

Most players play our range of games for pleasure and enjoyment. They ensure moderate participation in games within their financial capacity. However, there is also a small percentage of people who don’t consider it as a form of entertainment, and this is a challenge that must be considered seriously.

What Is The Problematic Gambling Behavior?

It is crucial to understand what is problematic gambling behavior before you indulge in betting or other gambling activities. It is a player’s behavior that interferes with the mode of life, work, financial position, or health of a person and also affects his family. Prolonged or unmoderated participation in gambling is counterproductive to such a person and can lead to negative consequences.

In 1980, pathological game dependence was officially declared a psychological disease by the international classification system DSM-IV and ICD-10. Speaking of, it is defined as a long, repetitive, and frequently amplifying inclination for the game, despite existing disruptive personal and social circumstances, such as a debt, damage to family relations, and delayed or paused professional growth.

What Type Of Gambling Behaviors Can Be Considered Problematic?

The problem of gambling can be diagnosed by experts. This web page extends to the customers to estimate and define their own gambling behavior. Addictions that are not linked to any substance are hard to define. It is hard to distinguish between pleasure and problem. However, some diagnostic signals may indicate the persisting issues. Below is the list of the major symptoms that can indicate the problem gambling condition:

  • The player is completely involved in gambling and appears to think of nothing else.
  • Bet stakes increase, especially on a losing streak.
  • The efforts to control gambling proves to be unsuccessful.
  • Signs of anxiety, irritation, and disappointment can be seen, apparently.
  • The player perceives gambling as a means of escape from problems or life issues.
  • Regularly chase for the loss.
  • Not being honest about the playing behavior to self and others.
  • Commencing illegal acts.
  • Arguments or disrupted relationships with friends or family members and colleagues.
  • Borrows funds to bet or gamble instead of considering it as an amusement.

Suggestions For Responsible Gambling

Customers are recommended to gamble only within their means and not treat it as a way to make money or as an escape from day-to-day problems. Also, they are advised to follow the below stated tips:

  • Don’t consider gambling a way to make money, but an entertainment means.
  • It is important to take regular breaks to avoid major disruptions. To do so, set a time limit and don’t exceed it while playing.
  • Going with the odds, the more time you spend playing, the more likely you will lose.
  • Only stake the sum of money you can afford to lose, not money you have set aside for bills or other crucial expenses.
  • Set a money limit in advance that you are fine losing, and if it is gone, quit the game then and there.
  • Once you set the maximum limit, do not exceed it in any case.
  • Never run after your losses; if you set a limit and then try and win some of it back, you may lose again.
  • Make sure that you are not under any influence of alcohol or drugs, or friends.
  • Don’t gamble when you are not in the right mood, depressed or upset. Decision-making can be more challenging when you are stressed or emotionally upset.

Self-Exclusion, Time-Outs, And Reality Checks

The World777 Admin provides various facilities, such as Self-Exclusion, Time Out, and Reality Check to assist its customers with managing their betting/gambling. Self-exclusion can be applied for periods at the customer’s discretion from six (6) months to five (5) years. If the self-exclusion option is taken, it is understood that customers may not be able to access their account until the self-exclusion period expires. The account can’t be re-activated during the exclusion period.

We think of every consideration to prevent a new account from an excluded customer from being opened during the self-exclusion period. During this period, will strive not to send any marketing and/or promotional material to the problem gambler.

Self-excluded accounts are re-opened only if by contacting customer support after the self-exclusion period has expired and a 24-hour “cooling off” period is served. During this period, open bets will remain, winnings will be paid out, and any balance in the account will be refunded.

The World777 Admin customers can apply a Time-out to their account for periods of 24 hours, one week, one month, or two months. Customers can apply these limits themselves by contacting the customer support number. The World777 Admin customers can apply for a Reality Check option to their account for periods of 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours. On experiencing the symptoms of problem gambling, customers should contact customer support as soon as possible.


If you need gambling/betting addiction or identify someone who is having gambling or money issues in your family or neighborhood, seek professional help in your area. Also, there are websites and tools that automatically block any advertising or disclosure of bookmark sites promoting such games. Below is the list:

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